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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bio-IT World

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Bio-IT World provides breaking news, analysis, and opinion on enabling technologies that drive biomedical research and drug development, with emphasis on predictive biology, drug discovery, informatics, personalized medicine, and clinical trials. Bio-IT World focuses on the technologies deployed and strategic decisions made by companies in these areas, and their impact on performance.

As the biopharma industry transforms itself from empirical trial-and-error experimentation to an industry reliant upon information, computation, and prediction of outcomes, technologies such as high-throughput genotyping, microarray analysis, and bioinformatics are providing the means of gathering, interpreting, and analyzing biological, chemical, and clinical data to further drug discovery and development. Bio-IT World covers the latest developments in these fields.

Focus areas include:

Genomic analysis: next-generation sequencing, genome-wide association mapping, and data integration

Discovery informatics: collection, analysis and workflows of compound, microarray, proteomic, imaging, and pre-clinical and clinical data

Systems biology: gene, protein, metabolite, and network/pathway information

Computational modeling: biosimulations of pathways, drug action, and clinical data

Predictiveness: in vitro assays, biomarkers, and animal models

Cheminformatics: structure-based drug design, compound characterization, ADME-Tox, and selectivity

Correlation of biological data: disease diagnosis, patient selection, and drug response

Target data: biological, pathway, interaction, patent, and family

IT infrastructure: grid computing and high-performance computing

Text mining: internal documents and published literature

Semantic web: next-generation data sharing and social networking

Clinical research: electronic data capture, patient recruitment, and adaptive trials

Pharmacogenomics: diagnostics for therapeutics, patient stratification

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Web Based Dashboard for Analyzing Chromatography Performance Data

waters podcast_augAnalyzing chromatography performance data can provide significant insight into the operational efficiency of analytical laboratories. However, consolidating information into a format that is easy to view and interpret can be time consuming.

Waters® Empower 2 Business Intelligence Manager™ is a web based dashboard comprised of pre-built analysis modules that provide intuitive, interactive, intelligence for laboratory managers and system administrators. Learn about key features and applications of this new option for the Empower™ 2 Chromatography Software.

Benefits to users include:

  • Reducing the time and cost of collecting/analyzing data
  • Detecting and evaluating system usage trends
  • Optimizing the use of chromatographic systems

Download Now

Presented by MaxisIT

A Renaissance in Clinical Trials: Connecting the Functional Dots from Source to Submission

MaxisIT podcastThe Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry suffers from a fragmented software landscape that lacks a single, holistic solution that would provide the requisite end-to-end functionality in an integrated and automated fashion. This podcast addresses this problem and proposes a preferred solution that is web-based and integrated. The solution offers streamlined processes, reusable infrastructure and requires minimum user-intervention to produce timely deliverables ranging from protocol to the eCTD – anytime, anywhere, on-demand. Listen to learn:

  • How to integrate traditional functional silos, such as data management, bio-statistics, regulatory affairs and medical writing.
  • How to adopt a scalable and robust platform that utilizes industry data standards and offers flexibility to comply with their current dynamism.
  • How to implement a truly controlled environment that offers security, integrity, integration, management and monitoring with respect to function, process, deliverability and user.

Download Now

Presented by Trade Commission of Spain

Spain Biotech: An Engine for Economic Change

TCS podcastDiscover how Spain is focusing on biotechnology to be an engine for economic change through gradual internationalization, development and technology transfer.

Regional governments are actively investing in public and private biology research and promoting the creation of knowledge-based companies. Spain’s human capital combined with aggressive investment in biotech research and infrastructure has led to the creation of bio-clusters.

Today, there are nearly 700 Spanish companies engaged in biotechnology, with almost 50 percent growth in funding devoted to research. In fact, spending on internal R & D in biotechnology has grown 46 percent and is close to 300 million Euros.

Access the podcast

Medidata Solutions

“What Will Drive Tomorrow’s Health Business Innovation: Technology, Standards or New Business Models?”

Medidata Solutions 2This podcast will discuss the current state of health business innovation, particularly around providing solutions for clinical trials and drug development. Executives from Medidata and SAS will address the following questions:

  • Does the health industry need more technology to drive business innovation?
  • How does the current state of industry standards impact the ability of technology to drive business innovation?
  • Is the lack of integration, inability to enter clean data or data privacy issues posing barriers to fully exploiting today’s technology?
  • Are standards and technology adoption hindered by misaligned business models?

Speakers: Glen de Vries, President of Medidata Solutions, and Jason Burke, Global Director of Health and Life Sciences Market Segments, SAS.

Download Now

Presented by Genologics
Co-Presenter: Illumina

Next Generation Sequencing Data Management

Genologics podcast4Illumina and GenoLogics have partnered to provide genomics labs with a complete solution for managing their next generation sequencing data. For genomics labs with increasing volumes of data and complexity of experiments, this end-to-end solution helps to manage their entire process from receipt of samples to integrated data for analysis. Learn how the fully integrated Genome Analyzer-Geneus solution can help maximize your next generation sequencing investment by:

This podcast will discuss:

  • Providing an end-to-end solution from receipt of samples to integrated data for analysis
  • Facilitating project and sample management for multiple applications
  • Automating data capture from Genome Analyzer workflows
  • Enabling data pipelines, results generation and analysis

Download Now


Manage Your Biorepositories

genologics BI newLearn about solutions for managing your biospecimens and biorepositories:

  • What is the single largest challenge facing organizations in terms of accelerating research
  • How is data collection being managed across disparate organizations and sites
  • How will data be managed in terms of complying with regulations such as HIPAA
  • How does solving biorepository data management help organizations that are conducting translational research
  • What are examples of how some organizations are tackling this research challenge

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Job Openings

Accelrys Inc.
Product Manager, Enterprise Technologies
San Diego, CA
Job Code: PMET

The Product Manager of Enterprise Technologies will be responsible for the strategy and roadmap of our world-class Pipeline Pilot informatics platform. Undergraduate degree in science, informatics, or engineering required. Minimum of 6 years of experience required with enterprise informatics software as a Product Manager. More information found at

Accelrys, Inc.
Product Manager, Biological Sciences
San Diego, CA
Job Code: PMBS

This critical position will manage the complete lifecycle of the Biological Registration suite of databases and applications. Experience in biological databases, biological data management, sequencing, text mining and analytics, or electronic lab notebooks required. Minimum of 6 years of experience within scientific software or related industries. More information found at

White Papers & Special Reports

Chromatography Software Provides Easy Access to MS Detection
Sponsored by Waters
Waters® Empower™ 2 Software is an acquisition control & data processing portal for single/tandem quadrupole systems. Comparable data handling for MS & UV, detect broader range of compounds & co-eluting peaks.
thomson reuters image
Biomarkers: An Indispensible Addition to the Drug Development Toolkit
Examining the Potential of Biomarkers
Sponsored by Thomson Reuters

Biomarkers are becoming an essential part of clinical development. In this white paper, Thomson Reuters provides insight from experts in industry and academia, and explores the role of biomarkers as evaluative tools in improving clinical research and the challenges this presents.

Discover the potential of biomarkers to:

  • Improve decision making
  • Accelerate drug development
  • Reduce development costs
BlueArc_Scientific Data
Scientific Data Lifecycle Management: Preparing for Storage in an Uncertain Future
Sponsored by BlueArc

Managing vast and overwhelming streams of gene sequencing data today requires ultra-high performance systems and processes. With continued rapid advancement and improvements in gene sequencing, expect tomorrow’s instruments to output quantities of genomic information that will dwarf current levels. Help your organization maintain data control and prepare for the future of sequencing through this informative paper that discusses:

  • The information technology challenges of gene sequencing
  • “Intelligent” methods for data management and customization
  • System survival tips... Deciding what data to keep or delete
  • New tools to keep scientists ahead of impending data torrents
SAS Managed image
Managed Innovation, Assured Compliance
Developing, executing and managing the transformation, analysis and submission of clinical research data with SAS® Drug Development
Sponsored by SAS
Get better products to market faster. Download this white paper to discover the top ten challenges facing life science executives and how to overcome them. See how SAS Drug Development transforms clinical data into true innovation.
Definiens biomarker image
What’s Wrong with Biomarkers?
Sponsored by Definiens

The hype around biomarkers has reached such a fever pitch that it risks provoking a backlash among needed constituencies such as payers, physicians, and patients. No one doubts biomarkers’ long-term value, but many obstacles remain, and that time still seems distant. Read this in-depth analysis in which distinguished experts examine biomarker challenges and follow along as they:

  • Identify the need for change in research and clinical trial strategies
  • Concede biology is more complicated than first expected
  • Explore barriers to physician adoption of biomarkers
  • Review assay technology and sample access limitations
  • Examine nascent efforts to develop needed standards
  • Discuss some notable biomarker failures and their lingering impact
  • Tackle thorny commercialization issue holding back biomarkers
IDBS paper2
Protecting Intellectual Property
Sponsored by IDBS
Intellectual property (IP) remains one of the most important assets of any commercial entity. Historically, paper has been used to establish, maintain and defend IP, but as industry becomes increasingly digital, new tools must be used to ensure IP protection. In this white paper we explore the issues facing patent creation and defense in the electronic age and discuss the tools and functionality required to protect innovation.

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